Anti Androgen Bundle
Saw Palmetto

"I've been using this for 2 weeks and have seen dramatic decrease in facial hair and even body hair"

Mariam B, Verified buyer

Anti-Androgen Bundle

A popular PCOS bundle for delivering anti-androgen support and healing androgen-related symptoms like hair growth, acne and irregular periods. Packages 3 evidence-backed ingredients - saw palmetto, magnesium and zinc.
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  • Conveniently bundles 3 evidence-based anti-androgenic ingredients
  • Contains Zinc and Magnesium (ZMA), plus Saw Palmetto
  • Heals androgen-related symptoms like hair growth & acne
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Saw Palmetto helps to prevent male-like hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia - a type of hair loss also known as male and female pattern baldness in men and women, respectively. It’s thought to work by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - one of the most potent androgens and is a major proponent in the masculine-presenting symptoms of PCOS which may also include acne and hirsutism.

Our zinc & magnesium blend - ZMA - crucially addresses the magnesium deficiency that is 19x more likely to occur in women with PCOS compared to women without the condition. Furthermore, as magnesium is involved in hundreds of important chemical reactions in the body, this can create serious issues. Fortunately, supplementing with ZMA can help with any deficiency-related problem and work on processes such as regulating blood sugar, temperature, liver detoxification and the healthy formation of bones and teeth.

Research also suggests that magnesium normalises insulin levels by improving insulin sensitivity. For women with PCOS, healthy insulin sensitivity means fewer insulin-related symptoms like weight gain, cravings, and irregular periods.

Finally, zinc helps in reducing insulin resistance, which is a major contributor to the development of PCOS. It also helps regulate the levels of androgens (male hormones), which are elevated in women with PCOS and contribute to the development of symptoms like hair growth, loss, acne and irregular periods.

Saw Palmetto

Ingredients per serving: Saw Palmetto 3000mg (20:1 ratio providing 150mg)


Ingredients per serving: Magnesium oxide 28mg, asparagus root 25mg 4:1, zinc citrate 5mg, oat straw 5mg 10:1 standardised to contain fatty Acids .675mg, vitamin B6 1mg

  • Reduces hair loss
  • Reduces unwanted hair growth
  • Reduces acne
  • Reduces androgens
  • Safe whilst TTC
  • NOT Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Warning: Saw Palmetto should not be taken with estrogen-based birth control.

Saw Palmetto (150mg)

Effect On Slowing Down 5-Alpha Reductase (A Key Component In DHT Production): PMID (23843810)

Research & evidence gleaned by Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine indicates that LSESr, the lipido-sterolic extract of saw palmetto, blocks 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone into a potent androgen hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Androgen hormones are responsible for male-like characteristics such as hair growth, acne and male-pattern baldness.

Magnesium (Oxide, 28mg)

Improving Metabolic Profiles in PCOS: PMID (31696157).

In a parallel randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial 60 women with PCOS aged 20–45 years were recruited for magnesium supplementation. After the 8 weeks of magnesium supplementation among women with PCOS the following was found:

• Favourable effects on BMI compared with placebo group

• A decrease in waist circumference

• Increase in serum luteinising hormone (LH) levels (crucial for ovulation)

• A marginally significant decrease was found in serum testosterone levels - compared with placebo group.

Final note & summary: Magnesium supplementation resulted in reduced BMI and testosterone levels as well as increased DHEA concentrations in women with PCOS. Also, magnesium supplementation may increase serum LH levels.

Can this bundle be taken with birth control?

No, Saw Palmetto can interfere with the effects of birth control.

Can I take Balance with ZMA given it also has zinc and magnesium?

Yes, combined, you will not exceed any daily recommended dosages.

Saw Palmetto: Take 1 tablet first thing in the morning.

ZMA: Take 1 tablet in the evening.

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Celeste B.
Australia Australia

Anti-Androgen Bundle

So a month in and I believe I'm losing less hair, I've not had much issue with excess hair. I will be ordering again. Love what Drew and his team do for us.

Christina H.
United States United States

Would recommend

Still new to taking these but I have seen some improvement with symptoms

Natasha M.
Australia Australia

really good.

really good

Kylie J.
Australia Australia

Anti-Androgen Bundle

Order and delivery was quick and easy, product is great have been taking fir about 3 weeks and have noticed a decrease in the amount of head hair I’m loosing, hopefully this continues the longer I take this product.

Rebecca P.
Australia Australia

Noticeable changes!

Within days of taking Saw Palmetto, I noticed a definite hormonal change! Have always dealt with high testosterone levels preventing natural cycles, and with these supplements I have experienced my first in years. Definitely worth exploring!

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