Spearmint Tea Extract (Anti-Androgen)

"Its been 3 Months now. Huge difference in facial hair growth and inflammation :) Happy human being"

Sukhdeep K, Verified buyer

Spearmint Tea Extract (Anti-Androgen)

A natural anti-androgen supplement providing 150mg of spearmint per capsule. Aids in the improvement of androgen and inflammatory related PCOS symptoms.
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  • Among the most popular natural anti-androgens
  • A customer favourite for reducing facial hair growth
  • Contains compounds with anti-inflammatory properties
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Spearmint tea extract works on androgens specifically by reducing the levels of testosterone and other androgens in the body. This makes supplementing with spearmint tea effective for addressing hormonal imbalances and reducing androgen-related symptoms like excess hair growth, acne and irregular periods.

Spearmint tea is also believed to address inflammation in women with PCOS by affecting the levels of oxidative stress and reducing the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines. By reducing oxidative stress and modulating the immune system, spearmint tea extract can help reduce inflammation, leading to an improvement in symptoms like joint pain, headaches, and fatigue.

Ingredients (per serve): Spearmint herb extract 4:1 37.5mg, providing 150mg of spearmint.

Inactive Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate & silicon dioxide.

  • Supports healthy testosterone levels
  • Helps to relieve androgen-related symptoms
  • Helps to ease inflammation
  • Promotes ovulatory cycles
  • Safe whilst TTC
  • NOT Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Spearmint herb extract 4:1 37.5mg

Spearmint extract’s effect on free and total testosterone: PMID (19585478)

Results from a 30-day randomised control trial with 42 volunteers has shown that free and total testosterone levels were significantly reduced over the 30 day period in the spearmint tea group while LH and FSH also increased.

Of the volunteers, most also noticed a difference in their hirsutism (hair growth), but this was self-reported and subjective. The study was not long enough to objectively measure spearmint tea's impact on hirsutism; however, it was demonstrated and confirmed that spearmint has significant anti-androgen properties.

Can Spearmint Tea Extract be taken with birth control?


Is spearmint tea the same as peppermint tea?

No it is not. Peppermint tea has not been shown to be beneficial for androgens like spearmint tea

Is drinking spearmint tea the same as taking tablets?

Yes, it will have the same effect, it is just that many people don't like the taste to drink 2 cups per day so one small tablet instead is much more convenient.

Take 1 tablet daily
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Malta Malta

Great product!

Really enjoy taking the extract instead of the tea on hot summer days!

Monica V.
United States United States

Ordered 2nd time

Love it planning to order a second order today, it only been a month and looking at the other reviews I know more time is needed to see a big difference but so far only a little but I'm still happy with the product

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Improvement in my acne

I used it for 2 months, and definitely saw improvement in my acne (not so much on my facial hair), will be continuing its usage!

United States United States

Must Buy!

I've taken this supplement before over the years, but this brand is hands down the best. Significant reduction in symptoms in less than 4 weeks for me. It's a supplement I know I'll keep ordering.

dayana o.
United States United States

Definitely helps

Helps me big time.

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