Complete Savings Bundle

Complete Savings Bundle

Conveniently bundles 5 of our most popular & scientifically proven products to help save you time, money, and worry about whether or not you’re taking the right supplements for your PCOS
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  • Contains Inositol, Berberine, NAC, Thermo Lean & Spearmint Tea
  • Health & Balance Vitamins' best value-for-money savings bundle
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Contains Berberine & Ginger Root, Inositol, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Spearmint Tea Extract, and Thermo Lean

Berberine & Ginger Root is a dietary supplement for fighting insulin resistance in PCOS; additionally, this top rated blend helps to manage androgen (testosterone) levels making it one of the best berberine supplements for PCOS.

Inositol is the most researched supplement for improving insulin resistance. It has shown promising results in many studies for treating insulin resistance by improving insulin sensitivity and as well as ovarian function. Thus making our Inositol supplement a fantastic choice when it comes to managing your insulin resistance.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), taken as a supplement, is scientifically validated for easing various PCOS symptoms relating to high testosterone and insulin. It is among the most popular supplements worldwide for naturally treating PCOS.

Spearmint Tea Extract works on androgens by helping to reduce the levels of testosterone and other androgens in the body. This makes supplementing with spearmint tea effective for addressing hormonal imbalances and for reducing androgen-related symptoms like excess hair growth, acne and irregular periods.

Thermo Lean is a powerful thermogenic supplement that utilises a carefully crafted blend of evidence-based ingredients to maximise your fat-burning potential while ensuring safety in women with PCOS. Our proprietary formula elevates metabolic rate, enhances energy, and promotes motivation.


Ingredients per serve: Myo-inositol (3g)

Thermo Lean:

Ingredients per serve: caffeine 150mg, bitter orange 250mg, acetyl l-carnitine 50mg, guarana seed extract 400mg, green tea 25mg

Inactive Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, HPMC capsule.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC):

Ingredients per serve: 100% Pure N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), providing 500mg - 1000mg

Spearmint Tea Extract:

Ingredients per serve: Spearmint herb extract 4:1 37.5mg, providing 150mg of spearmint

Berberine & Ginger Root:

Ingredients per serve: Berberine Hydrochloride (500mg), ginger Root 20:1 providing 600mg, Black pepper extract (125mg)

  • Reduces insulin resistance
  • Reduces testosterone levels
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Reduces hirsutism (hair growth) & acne
  • Improves natural ovulation rates
  • Safe whilst TTC
  • Not pregnancy & breastfeeding safe
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Spearmint Tea Extract

Spearmint tea extract (150mg)

Effect on Free and Total Testosterone: PMID (19585478)

Results from a 30-day randomised control trial with 42 volunteers has shown that free and total testosterone levels were significantly reduced over the 30 day period in the spearmint tea group while LH and FSH also increased. Of the volunteers, most also noticed a difference in their hirsutism (hair growth), but this was self-reported and subjective.

The study was not long enough to objectively measure spearmint tea's impact on hirsutism; however, it was demonstrated and confirmed that spearmint has significant anti-androgen properties.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

N-acetyl cysteine (500-1000mg)

Efficacy of NAC for improving insulin resistance & inflammation: PMID (29502477)

In this study, we investigated whether NAC can affect insulin resistance in diet-induced obesity mice. The study found:

• NAC decreases body weight and fat
• NAC improves results on both glucose tolerance and insulin tolerance tests (indicating increased insulin sensitivity)
• NAC reduces adipose tissue (fat) inflammation.

Berberine & Ginger Root

Berberine extract (500mg)

Effect on Insulin Resistance and Inflammation: PMID (21110076)

The study began with inflammatory responses and insulin resistance being induced by palmitate (PA) stimulation for 24 hours. The results of the study suggest that berberine improved insulin sensitivity and demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity in PA-stimulated cells.


Myo-inositol (4g)

Supporting Insulin Sensitivity: PMID (29042448)

Taken from Gynecological Endocrinology -- We investigated the efficacy on insulin sensitivity and hormonal parameters of 8 weeks treatment with myo-inositol at the dosage of 2g per day in a group of obese PCOS patients. After the treatment interval, body mass index (BMI) and insulin resistance decreased together with luteinizing hormone (LH), LH/FSH and insulin

Can this bundle be taken with birth control?


Can I take Inositol with Balance as well?

Balance contains 3g Inositol per serve so it isn't really necessary to take additional. However for some people they feel it helps, so if you would like to add additional Inositol, please take Balance in the morning and then Inositol either mid afternoon or just before bed to space it out

Does the Inositol contain d-chiro?

No, we have chosen to use myo-inositol only in this product given that it is the primary form of Inositol that is shown in studies to be most beneficial for managing PCOS.

Is spearmint tea the same as peppermint tea?

No it is not. Peppermint tea has not been shown to be beneficial for androgens like spearmint tea.

Can Berberine be taken long-term?

There is information out there that Berberine should be taken for no more than six months however there are no studies confirming this is the case. To be safe, we do recommend taking a month break about every 6 months still.

Berberine & Ginger Root: Take 1 capsule once daily, first thing in the morning.

Spearmint Tea Extract: Take 1 tablet daily, first thing in the morning.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): Take 1 capsule with your largest meal. Can be taken twice daily if needed; only 30 capsules per packet.

Note: When you open your packet of NAC you may get a strong smell. This is nothing to be concerned about, it is simply because it is derived from sulphur and once consumed you'll get no taste or aftertaste.

Inositol: Mix 1 level measured teaspoon in one cup of water or any flavoured drink on an empty stomach. Either first thing in the morning or before bed is ideal.

Thermo Lean: Take 1 capsule in the morning or ½hr before a workout.

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Christine Q.
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Loving so far

5 days in and loving so far

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All in one

Love that I can buy all my favorite supplements in one bundle. The group of them have helped me to lower my A1C over the past year. It has dropped from 11.4 to 5.9

Haneen H.
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I finally get my period once a month now it’s short but it’s progress

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