PCOS Results Bundle

"More energy, less cravings, hair looks and feels shiner and my morning blood sugar level has gone down"

Yen T, Verified buyer

PCOS Results Bundle

Contains 3 PCOS-specific formulas, each aimed at tackling hormonal imbalances, and working to ease the associated symptoms in PCOS. Supports weight loss, improved metabolism and blood sugar levels, and skin and hair health.
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  • Contains PCOS Weight Control, Skin + Hair, and Metabolism, Blood Sugar & Energy
  • Delivers scientifically validated ingredients for supporting PCOS weight loss
  • Supports a healthy metabolism while healing androgen-related symptoms.
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Contains PCOS Weight Control, Skin + Hair (With Anti-Androgen Formula) and Metabolism, Blood Sugar & Energy for managing the many hormonal and metabolic issues associated with PCOS.

For those struggling to reach their weight loss goals, PCOS Weight Control may be a valuable addition to their supplement routine. This blend of carefully selected nutrients has been specifically designed to make weight loss more attainable and sustainable for women with PCOS.

Metabolism, Blood Sugar & Energy is specifically designed to improve PCOS symptoms by optimising metabolism, balancing blood sugar, and enhancing energy levels. The formula contains a combination of evidence-based ingredients including berberine, magnesium, chromium, vitamin B12, and green tea.

The Skin + Hair blend is designed to improve hair and skin health with ingredients that promote hair growth and healthy skin, as well as an anti-androgen complex that helps balance hormones in women with PCOS. This complex consisting of zinc, saw palmetto, spearmint tea, DIM, and fish oil, helps lower testosterone levels and prevent unwanted, embarrassing symptoms.

Metabolism Blood Sugar & Energy

Ingredients per serving: Cinnamon extract (250mg), tyrosine (150mg), berberine extract (100mg), green tea extract (100mg), magnesium glycinate (100mg), gymnema sylvestre (100mg), vitamin b6 (50mg), apple cider vinegar (50mg), iron (10mg), chromium picolinate (0.2mg), vitamin b12 (0.0024mg).

Inactive Ingredients: Brown rice flour (allergen free), magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, HPMC capsule.

Skin + Hair (With Anti-Androgen Formula)

Ingredients per serving: Spearmint tea extract (100mg), vitamin c (100mg), saw palmetto extract (50mg), dim (diindolylmethane) (50mg), fish oil (50mg), zinc picolinate (10mg), iron (10mg), biotin (0.12mg), pantothenic acid (5mg), vitamin e (0.7mg), vitamin a (0.5mg), iodine (0.1mg), vitamin d3 200iu (0.05mg).

Inactive Ingredients: Brown rice flour (allergen free), magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, HPMC capsule.

PCOS Weight Control

Ingredients per serving: Myo-inositol (500mg), l-carnitine (250mg, green tea extract (200mg), folic acid (0.4mg), chromium picolinate (0.025mg).

Inactive Ingredients: Brown rice flour (allergen free), magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, HPMC capsule.

  • Reduces fasting insulin levels
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Improves androgen levels
  • Reduces hirsutism (hair growth) & acne
  • Improves & strengthens hair follicles on the scalp
  • Improves overall skin health
  • Reduces BMI and body fat
  • Reduces inflammation Levels

Tip: For best results, PCOS Weight Control should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

  • Safe whilst TTC
  • NOT Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Warning: Due to the ingredients, Skin + Hair should not be taken with estrogen-based birth control.

Skin + Hair (With Anti-Androgen Formula)

Spearmint tea extract (100mg)

Effect on Free and Total Testosterone: PMID (19585478)

Results from a 30-day randomised control trial with 42 volunteers has shown that free and total testosterone levels were significantly reduced over the 30 day period in the spearmint tea group while LH and FSH also increased. Of the volunteers, most also noticed a difference in their hirsutism (hair growth), but this was self-reported and subjective. The study was not long enough to objectively measure spearmint tea's impact on hirsutism; however, it was demonstrated and confirmed that spearmint has significant anti-androgen properties.

Saw palmetto (150mg)

Effect On Slowing Down 5-Alpha Reductase (A Key Component In DHT Production): PMID (23843810)

Research & evidence gleaned by Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine indicates that LSESr, the lipido-sterolic extract of saw palmetto, blocks 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone into a potent androgen hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Androgen hormones are responsible for male-like characteristics such as hair growth, acne and male-pattern baldness.

Metabolism Blood Sugar & Energy

Berberine extract (100mg)

Effect on Insulin Resistance and Inflammation: PMID (21110076)

The study began with inflammatory responses and insulin resistance being induced by palmitate (PA) stimulation for 24 hours. The results of the study suggest that berberine improved insulin sensitivity and demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity in PA-stimulated cells.

PCOS Weight Control

Myo-inositol (500mg)

Supporting Insulin Sensitivity: PMID ( 29042448 )

Taken from Gynecological Endocrinology -- We investigated the efficacy on insulin sensitivity and hormonal parameters of 8 weeks treatment with myo-inositol at the dosage of 2g per day in a group of obese PCOS patients. After the treatment interval, body mass index (BMI) and insulin resistance decreased together with luteinizing hormone (LH), LH/FSH and insulin

Can this bundle be taken with birth control?

No, the Saw Palmetto in the Skin + Hair supplement can interfere with the effects of birth control.

How is Metabolism Blood Sugar & Energy different to Balance?

Balance is an all-around PCOS support where MBS&E has been specifically formulated to target the metabolism and blood sugar levels of those with insulin resistance mainl,y which should then help improve energy levels.

Why have I not lost a heap of weight already?

It's important to remember that these are not magic weight loss pills. Taking them on their own without making any changes to your lifestyle will most likely, not result in weight loss. They are designed to be used alongside a calorie deficit whilst also taking steps to manage your PCOS hormonal imbalances.

Can I take additional Spearmint Tea with this product?

No, additional spearmint tea as well as Skin + Hair could cause a laxative effect.

Metabolism Blood Sugar & Energy: Take 2 capsules first thing in the morning; 60 capsules provided per 30 serving bottle.

PCOS Weight Control: Take 2 capsules first thing in the morning or ½hr before lunch; 60 capsules provided per 30 serving bottle.

Skin + Hair (With Anti-Androgen Formula): Take 1 capsule first thing in the morning; 30 capsules provided per 30 serving bottle.

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Janet G.
United States United States


I’m not sure how long you have to wait or how long before you see results. I’ve used this for a month already starting on the second. I reordered because I wanted to give it time and another chance. I do feel less somnolent but wouldn’t say more energetic. No significant weight loss. I’ve noticed my nails grow faster and stronger. I’ve gotten compliments on my hair which also has been growing faster and a bit less hair loss. I don’t want to judge it too hard. Everyone’s body is different and I’m giving mine a little more time with this product.

United States United States

Skin and hair

Skin and hair supplement has been one of my favorites. I use to get my nails done all the time now I don't have to. My nails are stronger and healthier than ever and I can't even start on my hair growth.

dayana o.
United States United States

Better future

Really has helped my hair and nails the cravings and so many things i really didn't think i needed.

Karen H.
United States United States

So far so good!

I just began taking this bundle of supplements. I live in the US so it takes a week, I think, to get here. I’m happy with the amount of tabs I take a day. It’s too early to note changes but I do feel great so far.

Candice R.
United States United States

Love these products!!!

Honestly I just started taking these a month ago and I feel so much better. My appetite isn't crazy and I have so much energy now. It's nice to actually have the energy to get up and do things I need too or want to.