Insulin Resistance Bundle
Balance (PCOS Multivitamin)

"The Insulin Resistance Bundle has been really good. I’m feeling so much better by using it. My symptoms are a lot better. I’m sleeping better & have a lot more energy. Also the balance tastes really good."

Cheryl N, Verified buyer

Insulin Resistance Savings Bundle

Our three most popular vitamins for fighting insulin resistance in PCOS, bundled for your convenience and savings. Alleviate insulin-related symptoms like irregular periods, weight gain and cravings with Balance, Inositol and NAC.
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  • Combines 3 of our best-ever selling supplements for PCOS
  • Greatly helps to normalise insulin levels by improving insulin sensitivity
  • Contains Balance (PCOS Multivitamin), Inositol, NAC.
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Contains Balance (PCOS Multivitamin), Inositol, and N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) for treating insulin resistance in PCOS.

Our Balance (PCOS Multivitamin) helps to support the improvement of insulin resistance, and (deliciously!) aids overall hormonal balance. This makes Balance perfect for those trying PCOS supplements for the first time, but lack confidence in where to begin. And for those who love a tasty drink, of course!

Myo-Inositol is the most researched supplement for improving insulin resistance. It has shown promising results in many studies for treating insulin resistance by improving insulin sensitivity and as well as ovarian function. Thus making our Inositol supplement a fantastic choice when it comes to managing your insulin resistance.

N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC), taken as a supplement, is scientifically validated for easing various PCOS symptoms relating to high testosterone and insulin. It is among the most popular supplements worldwide for naturally treating PCOS.

Balance (Multivitamin):

Myo-inositol (3g), magnesium (300mg), l-glutamine (150mg), l-arginine (150mg), vitamin c (100mg), vitamin b6 (25mg), zinc (11mg), chromium (0.045mg), vitamin d (0.0024mg), coq10 (14mg), manganese (5mg), vitamin b2 (3.3mg), vitamin b3 (19mg), vitamin b5 (3.4mg), alpha-lipoic acid (1mg). Warning: Contains sucralose and artificial flavouring.


Myo-inositol (3g)

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC):

100% Pure N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), providing 500mg - 1000mg

  • Improves insulin resistance
  • Lowers androgens
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves fertility
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps manage body weight
  • Safe whilst TTC
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Myo-Inositol (4g)

Efficacy of Myo-inositol to Improve Insulin Sensitivity in Women with PCOS: PMID (29042448)

Investigated was the efficacy on insulin sensitivity and hormonal parameters of 8 weeks treatment with myo-inositol, at the dosage of 2g per day in a group of obese PCOS patients. After the treatment interval, body mass index (BMI) and insulin resistance decreased together with luteinizing hormone (LH), LH/FSH and insulin

100% Pure N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) (500-1000mg)

Evaluating The Effect of N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) on Insulin Resistance in PCOS: PMID (12057717)

In a prospective study, 37 female volunteers were assessed based on hormonal and lipid blood profile & insulin sensivitiy after NAC treatment. Patients were treated for 5–6 weeks with NAC at a dose of 1.8 g/day orally. After NAC administration, insulin sensitivity increased, and testosterone & free androgen levels decreased. In summary, NAC may be a new treatment for the improvement of insulin circulating levels and insulin sensitivity in hyperinsulinemic patients with PCOS.

Balance: Magnesium (300mg)

The effect of magnesium supplementation on metabolic profiles and levels of hormones thus clinical symptoms in PCOS: PMID (31960275)

Taken from Biological trace element research: In a parallel randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial 60 women with PCOS aged 20–45 years were recruited. Participants were randomly assigned to consume magnesium supplements (containing 250 mg magnesium oxide) or placebo for 8 weeks. After the 8 weeks of magnesium supplementation among women with PCOS the following was found:

• Favourable effects on BMI compared with placebo group
• A decrease in waist circumference
• Increase in serum luteinizing hormone (LH) levels (crucial for ovulation)

Can this bundle be taken with birth control?


Why are Balance & Inostiol bundled together if Balance contains enough Inositol?

It's true, Balance contains the daily recommended amount of Inositol. However we have found that many customers were buying additional Inositol and benefiting from that for their PCOS. So to make it more affordable to combined in a bundle for those wishing to use both.

Balance: Mix 1 level measured teaspoon in one cup of water on an empty stomach in the morning

Inositol: Mix 1 level measured teaspoon in one cup of water before bed in the evening

NAC: Take 1 capsule with your largest meal. Note: When you open your packet of NAC you may get a strong unpleasant smell. This is nothing to be concerned about, it is simply because it is derived from sulphur and once consumed you'll get no taste or aftertaste.

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I have been feeling much better after starting this, I’ve noticed I hav more energy then I used too and I get better sleep at night.

Deleka W.
United States United States


Excellent products. Noticed changes when I initially started using them a few months ago. Only thing is that the Balance is too sweet for me.

United States United States


While using the products I felt a huge difference. Some symptoms subsided a bit which was great!

Katerina H.
United States United States

Energy and Weight

On a week of taking, no weight gain(which is a positive thing), and I finally have energy.

Bradley M.
United States United States

Never Received My Order

Very low. Spent 130 dollars and never received the product. It has almost been a month since I ordered it. I was very excited. Have spent the last week trying to get a hold of someone and the only response I finally got was have you thought about starting a USPS dispute. Not great customer service. Makes me wonder if this is a real company or a scam.

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