Metabolism, Blood Sugar & Energy

"Now at 42 I found Metabolism Blood Sugar and Energy and just “WOW” I can finally go about my day and actually feel normal!"

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Metabolism, Blood Sugar & Energy

A powerful formula specifically crafted with ingredients like berberine, magnesium, chromium, B12 & green tea to optimise metabolism, balance blood sugar, boost energy and aid PCOS symptoms like high insulin, irregular periods, and weight gain.
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  • Providing the support of 11 scientifically validated ingredients from just two capsules per day
  • Helps to ease symptoms of PCOS like weight gain, fatigue & cravings
  • A PCOS-specific metabolism aid only available at Healthy PCOS.
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Healthy PCOS' Metabolism, Blood Sugar & Energy is specifically designed to improve PCOS symptoms by optimising metabolism, balancing blood sugar, and enhancing energy levels. The formula contains a carefully selected combination of evidence-based ingredients including berberine, magnesium, chromium, vitamin B12, and green tea.

These ingredients are known to effectively address metabolic and blood sugar-related symptoms of PCOS like high insulin, irregular periods, weight gain, fatigue and cravings.

Ingredients (per serve): Cinnamon extract (250mg), Tyrosine (150mg), Berberine extract (100mg), Green tea extract (100mg), Magnesium glycinate (100mg), Gymnema sylvestre (100mg), Vitamin B6 (50mg), Apple cider vinegar (50mg), Iron (10mg), Chromium picolinate (0.2mg), Vitamin B12 (0.0024mg)

Inactive Ingredients:

Brown Rice Flour (allergen free), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, HPMC Capsule.

  • Reduces fasting insulin levels
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Reduces tesosterone levels
  • Reduces BMI and body fat
  • Reduces inflammation Levels
  • Safe whilst TTC
  • NOT Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Berberine (100mg)

Improved insulin sensitivity & inflammation: PMID ( 32060683 )

The study began with inflammatory responses and insulin resistance being induced by palmitate (PA) stimulation for 24 hours. The results of the study suggest that berberine improved insulin sensitivity and demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity in PA-stimulated cells.

Magnesium glycinate (100mg)

Improving metabolic profiles in PCOS: PMID (31696157).

In a parallel randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial 60 women with PCOS aged 20–45 years were recruited for magnesium supplementation. After the 8 weeks of magnesium supplementation among women with PCOS the following was found:

  • Favourable effects on BMI compared with placebo group
  • A decrease in waist circumference
  • Increase in serum luteinising hormone (LH) levels (crucial for ovulation)

Chromium picolinate (0.2mg)

Chromium’s effect on BMI and insulin: PMID ( 28595797 )

A 2017 systematic review and meta-analysis showed that chromium supplementation in PCOS resulted in decreased BMI, fasting insulin levels and also resulted in lowered testosterone levels.

Apple Cider Vinegar (50mg)

Assessing ACV’s impact on PCOS patients: PMID (23666047)

A 2013 study showed that the intake of apple cider vinegar resulted in a decrease of the homeostasis model assessment insulin resistance index (HOMA-R), an improvement in LH/FSH ratio, ovulatory menstruation was observed in 4/7 patients. These findings suggest that ACV can help to restore ovulatory function through improving insulin sensitivity in PCOS patients, thus, avoiding pharmacological treatment.

What is the difference between this and Metabolism Support?

Metabolism Blood Sugar & Energy is specifically formulated for insulin resistance & blood sugar balance whilst Metabolism boost is more aimed at improving metabolic rate and fat loss.

What is the difference between Metabolism Boost and Thermo Lean?

Metabolism Boost is more so aimed at improving metabolic rate whilst Thermo Lean works as a thermogenic fat burner. This is why the two often work well together.

Can Metabolism Blood Sugar & Energy be taken with birth control?


How is Metabolism Blood Sugar & Energy different to Balance?

Balance is an all-around PCOS support where MBS&E has been specifically formulated to target the metabolism and blood sugar levels of those with insulin resistance mainl,y which should then help improve energy levels.

Take 2 capsules first thing in the morning. 60 capsules provided per 30 serving bottle.
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Singapore Singapore

Metabolism,blood sugar and energy

It's help control migraine headache before getting ****** every month. I feel so much better too.

United States United States

Game changer

I have been struggling with my anxiety, anger, sleep issues, always tired, the list goes on! All stemming from my pcos. Witching taking this and Inositol for 3 weeks I feel SO much better.

United States United States

Great Product!

This product goes so well with the Balance multivitamin. I have seen a big difference in my sugar cravings and energy levels!

Tiffany S.
United States United States

Dramatically changed

These supplements have dramatically changed my daily life. My energy levels have increased so much. I feel like me again!

Britta R.
United States United States

Vitamin I didn’t know I needed..

Something I wasn’t aware I needed, & it is a keep around 24/7 now

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