Ultra Saver Stack

"From the first day I tried all of these products, I had energy that I haven’t had in years. I felt like a new person"

Serene-Clarke D, Verified buyer

Ultra Saver Stack

The ultra-saving bundle that's 'worth every penny'. Contains Balance (Multivitamin), Inositol, Thermo Burn & Metabolism Support.
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  • Contains Balance (Multivitamin), Inositol, Thermo Burn & Metabolism Support
  • 4-in-1 bundle, ultra-saving you $66 every time you order
  • A daily dose of empowerment towards a new & better you
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Product Highlights

  • Conveniently bundles Balance (Multivitamin), Inositol, Thermo Burn & Metabolism Support.
  • 1,020+ positive reviews from satisfied customers all over the world!

The Ultra Saver Stack is tailor-made for those who are ready to believe in their bodies again. With this bundle, every day is a chance to feel clear, confident and empowered towards your goals; it could even be your ticket to a new lease on life! The best part about is, by purchasing these four supplements together, you earn yourself a hefty savings of up to $66 each time you order them in bulk.

Start eliminating those ‘blue’ days with clarity & confidence, and begin to feel like yourself again x

Refer to the individual product pages for the full list of ingredients for each product.

Refer to the individual product pages for the full list of benefits for each vitamin.

  • Safe whilst TTC
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Note: If pregnant or breastfeeding please be mindful of overall caffeine consumption

Product & FDA Disclaimer

*FDA regulations strictly prohibit the use of therapeutic or medical claims in conjunction with the sale of any product not approved by the FDA. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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*Dietary supplements supplied by Health & Balance Vitamins Pty Ltd should always be consumed as part of a holistic plan that incorporates nutrition, exercise, stress management and quality sleep. We do not recommend using this product in the absence of the aforementioned lifestyle factors.

*This product is a dietary supplement.

Can this bundle be taken with birth control?


Why are Balance & Inostiol bundled together if Balance contains enough Inositol?

It's true, Balance contains the daily recommended amount of Inositol. However we have found that many customers were buying additional Inositol and seeing extra benefits. So to make it more affordable to combined in a bundle for those wishing to use both.

Can I take these with my other multivitamin?

Please reach out to us or your pharmacist to ensure you aren't exceeding any daily limits.

Does Inositol contain d-chiro?

No, we have chosen to use Myo-Inositol only in this product given that it is the primary form of Inositol that is shown in studies to be most beneficial for managing hormonal aspects of PCOS.

Balance:Mix one level scoop in any liquid of your choice. Ideally, drink your Balance first thing in the morning.

Inositol:Mix one scoop in any liquid of your choice, stir well. Best taken in the morning or mid-afternoon.

Thermo Burn:Take 1 capsule per day, ideally in the mornings.

Meta Boost:Take 1 capsule per day, ideally in the mornings.

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Megan G.
United States United States

The only thing that’s ever worked for me

I’ve been taking the Ultra PCOS saver bundle for about a year now and I absolutely feel a difference. In conjunction with proper diet and exercise I’ve lost 15 pounds so far. I will say some of the servings don’t match up so sometimes you’re left with more of the powder in one canister than another and it would be nice if they all ran out around the same time. The customer service is what absolutely tethers me to this company. I’m very grateful.

Gabrielle B.
United States United States

This bundle is a life saver!!!

I started using this bundle and 2 days later I had more energy then I have had in years. I was even on my period, which usually has me down and out for the whole week! This is the only change that I’ve made, so I feel like it can’t be a coincidence. Aside from my energy levels, I have definitely noticed a decrease in my cravings, feeing more satisfied with healthy well balanced meals, and my bloating has been non-existent! I’m so excited to see how this continues to positively impact me moving forward.

Erin W.
Canada Canada

Game Changer

Have been purchasing since last summer. They definitely have been effective at helping manage PCOS symptoms

Sapna N.
Canada Canada

Inositol powder

I have gas trouble with this powder with inositol

Sapna N.
Canada Canada

Inositol powder

I have gas trouble with this powder with inositol